Buying a Home


Preapproval: Meet your lender or let us introduce you to one of our lender partners. Once you get a preapproval you may need to determine the difference between the price you are approved for vs your comfort level you are with a mortgage payment. Especially for first time Buyers, this may not be your forever home, build equity and grow.

Getting to know you: Our goal is to help you identify what area fits best into your budget and lifestyle. You may know exactly what you are looking for and that is perfect, We just want you to know we are not interested in selling you a home, we want to find the best home for you.

Investment of time: Sure you may know exactly what you are looking for but just in case we want you to know that we are available to show you as many properties as possible for you to find the home that best fits your needs. Our philosophy is sometimes viewing properties that don’t work just help you know the right home once you find it.

Target identified: Once we know what you are looking for we will find it. Knock on doors, contacting agents for pocket listings, old expired listings, on market off market we will systematically find you the right home. Some of our best finds are properties that were not for sale! Until we knocked on the door.

We’ve found the house!

Making an Offer


We will work with you to negotiate the price but also the terms and conditions that you will be comfortable making the purchase. The main negotiating points will include;


Price: we will provide all relevant information and comparable sales to not only identify an appropriate value and price but a strategy to best negotiate that price.

Closing Date: We will have an appropriate strategy to negotiate the closing date that works best for you

Conditions: We will ensure all relevant conditions are not only included in the agreement but that are appropriately worded and achieve the intended purpose. Our knowledge and experience of commercial and investment properties will benefit and avoid any pitfalls of acquiring these properties.

Due Diligence: You will benefit from our relationship with various service providers in the marketplace to ensure your due diligence is performed professionally and within the timelines requested.  

Amendments: If any issues arise from Due Diligence we will negotiate any adjustments required to met with your satisfaction but not jeopardize you losing the property. 

Please Provide Your Buying Criteria

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