Selling Strategy

Initially we visit your property to have a look through the eyes of a buyer looking for the features that make your home its most attractive. We will review with you any items that can be completed prior to listing, this usually means decluttering, a coat of paint or possibly small repair jobs. In the spring & summer months this can be as little as a yard clean up optimizing the street appeal of your home.

We will determine the level of professional staging required to present your home so that the buyer can see it as there own. When appropriate this may simply be a complimentary consult with our stager to get professional advice. Staging is not personal decorating, it is marketing of a product.

The first time the buyer sees your home will be online, that first impression requires photos from a professional who understands how to capture the features of your home in such a way to draw the buyer in. The photos will allow us to create story board video’s for Facebook specific to your property as well as directing Buyers to Open Houses.  

Prior to going to market we prepare a story book for your property providing potential buyers with all the information they need to make the decision to purchase your home. This requires compiling property tax information, location certificate if available, 24 months of utility bills, any warranty’s, a list of recent repairs and renos, school information and any local parks & community amenities.

Online exposure -,, social media, Facebook videos (we have had up to 6500 views on videos),, kijiji, utube, Instagram & our personal website.

Buyers have to view your property before they are going to want to buy. Our belief is any inquiry, online or by phone, we do our best to encourage people to drop by for a viewing. If they have their own representation we see our job as making it as easy as possible for Buyers to view your home.

To make it easy for people to view your home we, with your permission, hold open houses that get promoted online and we create traffic. Traffic gets us Buyers, Buyers get us a sale! 

The Process

We have an agreement!

1.     Getting an agreement on price with a buyer is the 1st stage of the selling process. It’s still to early to announce on Facebook “Sold Sold – we are outta here!!”

2.    Due Diligence and Conditions of Sale: The agreement will outline various conditions that will have to be met prior to the Buyer agreeing to “unconditionally” buy your home. The most common items are buying getting satisfactory financing (which may require an appraisal), an inspection which may or not include a radon gas test and a sewer scope, well & septic inspection if applicable, Lawyers approval, plus the Buyer may request your utility bills for the previous 24 months and be satisfied with the cost of living in your home. In the Selling Strategy we identified compiling all the information for the Buyer, this expediates this process. This process is generally a 7 - 12 day process.

3.     Amendment resulting from Due Diligence: If any unknown issues are identified through the inspections the Buyer has the option to request an amendment related to the issue. This is typically a request for the Seller to repair the issue prior to closing or adjust the price to reflect the Buyer dealing with the issue post closing. Both parties have to agree to any amendment and there can be negotiation of the suggested amendment, usually initiated by the Buyer.

4.   Removal of Conditions: Once the buyer has completed their inspections and any amendments are dealt with the sale becomes “Firm”. Get ready to move.

5.    Closing Day: The Buyer has the right to complete a preclosing final inspection, usually completed on the day of closing, where they look to confirm nothing has changed since the date if the agreement. The seller will have removed all personal items, excluding any specific items included in the Agreement of Sale, and the property shall be broom swept and appliances clean & in working order.


you will benefit from our experience in stick handling any issues that arise, guide the process by ensuring timelines are met and getting required documentation to the Buyers. 

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